Foreigners can buy housing in Kazakhstan

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Legal Status of Foreign nationals as of 19.06.1995, № 2337 stipulates that foreigners may freehold housing in the Republic of Kazakhstan (except for visiting foreigners), and other property, but only de jure, de facto, only foreign nationals residing in Republic of Kazakhstan and who received the permission to do so, or who have alien's residence permits issued by internal affairs agencies can take possession of a housing.

Mandatory condition for granting a permit for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the confirmation by an applicant of their financial solvency in the manner and in the amount determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Documents granting the right of permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan are as follows: for foreign nationals - alien’s residence permits in the Republic of Kazakhstan; for a stateless person – stateless citizen certificate.

With regard to inheritance rights of foreign nationals, in this case there are no restrictions. A notary issues to the heir a certificate of inheritance rights for real-estate or any other property to foreigners regardless of whether they live in Kazakhstan or not.

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