Tax Law and Administration

The tax law is the branch of law with which the Entrepreneur faces most closely and often, if not constantly, in connection with the tax burden established by the legislation.

Many years of experience of our lawyers and partners in national and international tax law, close cooperation with partners of law firms of other countries, experience with our clients allows us to provide the best qualified legal services in the tax law for clients of our Law Firm.

Together with our customers, our specialists will develop the most convenient effective tax solutions, taking into account the practical activities of the client and the established norms of tax legislation.


We are ready to offer the following services in the tax law:

· Legal audit of transactions, legal opinions on tax issues;

· Legal support of tax disputes, protection of client's interests in the field of tax law;

· Tax planning;

· Taxation of non-residents, including issues of acquisition of real estate, entry into the structure of enterprises;

· Closing of the company, sale of business, liquidation of the Company;

· Taxation of the entertainment industry;

· Taxation of mergers and acquisitions;

· Taxation of natural resources, subsoil use issues;

· Taxation of non-profit, charitable institutions;

· Reorganization of the Company;

· Taxation of real estate;

· Administrative issues in the tax sphere, tax administration issues.


Key staff-member:

Zhuldyz Zhumadilova, Senior Lawyer of ZAN Company

Has deep experience of working in the judicial bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and after judicial representation, giving legal opinions, legal audit of transactions in the field of civil, tax, commercial law, and also has extensive work experience in organizations to protect the rights of entrepreneurs. Author of numerous publications, articles, participant of scientific and practical conferences devoted to judicial protection of business entities.


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Implementation of the project on closing - the liquidation of a part of the partnerships of a major automobile holding of the official dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Kazakhstan.

Reorganization of enterprises.

Implementation of the project on the liquidation of branches of the producer of snack products in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Execution of termination of activities, liquidation of the enterprise, closure of LLP, Production Cooperatives and Closed Joint Stock Companies.

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