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Employment contracts.

Labor contracts are one of the most important tools for regulating the relationship between the Employee and the Company. A labor agreement is well-established, covering possible risks, corresponding to the current legislation can be a significant help in the Enterprise and will help to avoid many misunderstandings during the relations of the Company and the Employee. An employment contract can substantially protect the interests of the Company or the interests of the Employee. Alternatively, the employment contract can be an excellent documentary expression of the trade-offs between the Company and the Employee.



At the enterprises of light industry, debugging the issues of labor law of the Employees. Bringing in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan labor documents, personnel audit at the Enterprise.

Audit of collective agreements at the Enterprise for the assembly of household appliances.


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Labor relations with a foreign worker.


Distribution, franchising agreements.

Globalization is not just a widely used and fashionable word. This is today's phenomenon, which significantly affects many areas of human activity in the present century. Unions of countries, trade unions, fast flights and the latest high-speed technologies have a significant impact on jurisprudence, and more specifically on the demand and nature of legal services for entrepreneurship. Recently, relations on the distribution of goods, trade in the framework of closer - franchising, distribution contracts are significant. Distribution, franchising agreements presuppose rather close, frequency mutual relations of the parties of the contract with possible occurrence of disputable situations. This circumstance requires the lawyer of applied knowledge in theory and practice in almost all branches of law in particular - civil, tax, customs and intellectual law. Relations within the framework of distributive and franchising agreements need diligent and talented work of lawyers to frame them into professionally made contracts that will temporarily remove problems in the course of close business activities of the parties.



A wide experience of auditing and drawing up franchising agreements in different fields of activity.

On the basis of 13 years of experience in the work of our company, we have developed, honed and implemented distribution agreements with exclusive rights, supply agreements between Kazakhstani companies and their foreign counterparts in various fields of activity. At the same time, the Company's lawyers have gained practical experience in individual writing of documents to the maximum extent possible risks of the client depending on the scope of the client's activities.


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Problems of entrepreneurs arising from non-performance of contractual obligations.


Contract of lease (hiring)

Relationships regulated by lease agreements (property hiring) are among the most common at the moment. This is not surprising, because as a lease agreement can cover a wide range of relations between subjects. So, the lease contracts apply to various objects subject to property hiring, such as enterprises, land, buildings, structures, equipment, transport and other things. Contracts of property lease also include leasing, rental, and other types of contracts associated with the transfer of property for a fee for temporary use. We strongly recommend to develop such agreements carefully and in advance fix the mechanisms of action in the event of any kind of situations, including situations and negative ones. The signing of model contracts in this case can also lead to not the best consequences, so contacting a qualified specialist can save you from many unpleasant situations and problems. Lawyers of our Company have extensive experience and experience in this rule-making, which can significantly facilitate the work of our clients.


Development and approval of leasing contracts for production bases, equipment and mechanisms for the companies in the sphere of industry, in the extractive sphere, in the sphere of industrial and civil construction.

Drawing up contracts for renting a property complex, including in the sphere of public catering, restaurant-bar networks.

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The agreement on joint activities, the creation of a simple partnership, without the formation of a legal entity, have been most relevant recently and are widespread. For example, two or more business entities, it can be both individuals and legal entities decide to work together for a certain period. Often, the creation of a new LLP is not always appropriate in this case, as it has many obligations and consequences, as well as all known difficulties with the closing of a LLP in the future. Therefore, in case of joint venture for a certain period, the creation and signing of a joint activity agreement (Simple partnership) is the optimal solution. However, a condition is necessary when at least one of the participants is registered as an Individual Entrepreneur or an earlier established LLP for reporting and paying taxes from this joint business activity, which should be reflected in the contract.


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