Construction and technical safety

  Since Kazakhstan has gained its independence and a new economy began to emerge, in connection with the necessity advent in construction of new strategic facilities and proper maintenance of existing ones, construction and technical safety sectors took a key role in laying the foundation of country’s economy, especially during the 2000s.

  During this time, ZAN Company lawyers had obtained a legal support for many significant projects in the sphere of housing construction, industrial construction and legal outsourcing providing of Kazakhstani enterprises in the field of technical safety, including companies conducted activities with precursors, chemical reagents, pesticides used in the oil and gas industry, agriculture, industrial construction, medicine and other fields of economy.

Key member-staff:

Asylbek Botabekov, Partner of the practice on "Licenses, permits, approvals", ZAN Company

Assylbek works at ZAN Law Firm since 2008, since that time he has proved himself to be an excellent professional in licensing of the activities of companies according to related size of small, medium and large entrepreneurship. He successfully completed large and complex projects on licensing and certification in the fields of architecture and town planning, industrial and civil construction, design and survey work, and expert works in the construction of major established companies of Kazakhstan.



+7 702 850 2000

Dinara Berdalieva, +7 777 828 11 25



Licenses and permits registration obtaining for companies (in the field of design and construction), such as:

(i)       «Prokatmontazh» JSC, Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk city, Aktobe city, metallurgical industry, www.prokatmontazh.rf

(ii) «AECOM KZ» LLP, an international company with offices all over the world in construction, private and public infrastructure management, www.aecom.com.

(iii)   «Lancaster group», a diversified industrial holding company, www.lancasterholding.com.

(iv)   «AlkakzSanayi» LLP, ALKA is group of companies, www.alkha.kz.;

(v)     «SMU 15» CJSC, «RemKran» LLP, «Isenstroy SK» LLP, «KTV-Service» LLP, «NDT service» LLP and many other companies, operating  in the field of construction and design.

Licenses and permits registration for companies working within the field of toxic substances and pesticides:

(i)                 "Chemical Plant" LLP, production of chemical products, Almaty region, Talgar district;

  1. Geolog International B.V., The Netherlands, the leading independent surface logging company in the world, www.geolog.com.;

(iii)               «AspanTau LTD» development of environmental projects, Almaty.

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