The trend of Kazakhstan towards the development of the country as a supplier of ecologically clean organic products of meat, poultry, wheat and other cereals, vegetables and other agricultural products is supported in the legal field, by the availability of special preferential tax regimes, preferential tax rates, the latest simplifications in land registration and reduction administrative barriers in general (CSC, egov and so on) for the subjects of agriculture. Lawyers of ZAN Company following the latest trends, and according to the latest frequent requests to customers, always carefully monitor the legal framework, new bills, and legislation in general in the part of peasant farms, land issues, agricultural production and cattle breeding.


Key staff-member:

Dinara Berdaliyeva, Partner of ZAN Company

Dinar's legal experience is more than 18 years. For her impeccable work she was awarded with diplomas of the Prosecutor General's Office. Has a class rank - a lawyer of the 2nd class. She is engaged in legal support of the activities of Kazakhstani and foreign enterprises, specializes in corporate, tax and contract law, judicial representation of enterprises, support in their business activities. Member of the Collegium of Commercial Lawyers KazBar Association.


+7 777 828 11 25



        i.            LLP "Batua", the production of grain, soy, corn, cattle.

      ii.            LLP "Parmen", food industry in the regions of Kazakhstan.

    iii.            LLP "Syrdaria Bio-Technology", a collector of wild plants for export.


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