Licenses and Permits

Licensing in Kazakhstan:

Our Company is mainly occupied in issuing licenses and authorization documents. The lawyers of ZAN Company have 15 years of proven work experience (in the work licensing area) in the majority of activities which require licensing. The clients who already obtained licenses and Permits and had chance to enjoy this service provided by ZAN Company may give you a proper reference concerning process and procedure of services by ZAN Company.

Work licensing -

ZAN Company issues licenses for the following work kinds in the areas subject to licensing:

1) industry;

2) using nuclear energy;

3) recycling poisonous matters;

4) technical safety;

5) transport;

6) movement of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors;

7) providing informational safety;

8) providing special technical means for arranging operational-investigative activities;

9) handling armament, defense technologies, individual types of weaponry, explosive substances and devices and their application;

10) using outer space;

11) informatization and communication;

12) training;

13) mass communication media;

14) agricultural and forestry business, land development, geodesy and cartography;

15) health care;

16) tourist business;

17) gambling industry;

18) veterinary;

19) legal and forensic expertise;

20) culture;

21) financial area and activity related to concentrating financial resources;

22) architecture, town-building and construction;

23) fabricating the Republic of Kazakhstan state symbols;

24) customs business;

25) manufacturing and rotating ethyl spirit and alcoholic products, tobacco products manufacture;

26) activity related to dealing with currency values;

27) commodities export and import.

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