Licenses and Permits

Licensing in Kazakhstan:

Our Company is mainly occupied in issuing licenses and authorization documents. The lawyers of ZAN Company have 15 years of proven work experience (in the work licensing area) in the majority of activities which require licensing. The clients who already obtained licenses and Permits and had chance to enjoy this service provided by ZAN Company may give you a proper reference concerning process and procedure of services by ZAN Company.

Work licensing -

Types of services, subject to licensing (i.e. licensable types of activities):

ZAN Company draw up licenses (prepares document for further license obtaining) for the following types of activities, in the area, licensing of activities:

1)        Manufacturing;

2)        Nuclear energy use;

3)        Toxic substances turnover;

4)        Transport;

5)        Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, precursors;

6)        Information security provision;

7)        Special technical hardware for operational-search arrangements;

8)        Armaments, military equipment and certain types of weapons, explosives and items with their use;

9)        Outer space;

10)     Informatization and communication;

11)    Education;

12)    Mass media communications;

13)    Agriculture and forestry, land management, geodesy and cartography;

14)    Public health care;

15)    Touristic activity;

16)    Gambling business;

17)    Veterinary (livestock health);

18)    Forensic expertise activity;

19)    Culture;

20)    Financial sector and activities related to the concentration of financial resources;

21)    Architecture, urban construction and construction (civil construction);

22)    State symbols manufacturing (of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

23)    Ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages production and turnover, tobacco goods production;

24)    Activities related to the use of currency values;

25)    Export and import of goods;

26)    Alcohol related license;

27)    Manufacturing license;

Licenses subject to be issued:

(i)            General licenses - to operate in certain activities, issued for an indefinite term (without limitation of the validity period);

(ii)          One-time (single entry) licenses – to engage in certain household operations within the permitted period, volume, weight or quantity (in monetary or non-monetary forms);

(iii)         Operational licenses.

   The form of the license and its annexes are established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

   Licenses obtaining and registration terms of duration are within 10 up to 30 working days, depending on the type of activities licensed.

    The implementation of activities without a license is fraught with consequences, therefore the art. 190 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan establishes measures of criminal liability for carrying out entrepreneurial activities without a special permit (license) in cases when such permission (license) is mandatory, or with violation of licensing conditions, if these actions caused a major damage to a citizen, organization or state, or involve the extraction of income on a large scale or the production, storage, transportation or sale of excisable goods in significant size.

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