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Transport and communications sector is a narrow, technical, requiring lawyer to have specialized knowledge, experience in transport and communications, deep knowledge of the inner company’s operations, such reason is confirmed by the regulatory and legal framework owing to this industry, which is largely more specific than other fields of economy, defining the lawyer’s specialization and education including technical ones.

ZAN Company is lucky to have a team of high-qualified lawyers, lawyers keen on transport and communications sectors, as few of member-staff have been worked for many years in the Transport and Communications companies. Thus, our lawyers educated not only theoretically, with strong legal background, but also have the long lasting experience of solving simple and complex, current and emergency tasks in transport companies work flow, including the companies-objects of strategic importance for Kazakhstan.


Key member-staff:

Sholpan Zabih, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, ZAN Company advisor.

Professor of the Professorial chair of Civil Law and Civil Procedure, Labor Law of KazNU named after al-Farabi. According to the invitation of KIMEP and the Collegium of Commercial Lawyers "Kazakhstan Bar Association", Sholpan conducts guest lectures on current legal issues, a member of the Royal Institute of Arbitrators of the United Kingdom (ACIArb), a member of the Governing Board of the ROO Collegium of Commercial Lawyers "Kazakhstan Bar Association", held position as Executive Director for Legal Support at "International Airport of Almaty" JSC.

      Additionally, Sholpan was noted by UNESCO in the field of "Women and Culture in Central Asia: Woman and Science" (2007), the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan. Her profile is included in the encyclopedia - "Kazakh Encyclopedia" (Almaty: "DigitalMedia Asia", 2011), "Scientists of Kazakhstan" (Almaty, 2012), as well as in the information-representative almanac "Outstanding Women of Kazakhstan" (Astana, 2015).


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Project: «Vocord Telecom» JSC, debt recovery and straightforward crediting of the amount of debt to the account of more than 80 million tenge. «Vokord Telecom» JSC is a major Russian telecommunications provider in the field of IP telephony.

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