Information sheet for legal entity liquidation

Dear clients, in case of legal entity liquidation you are kindly requested to familiarize with this important information.

1. At carrying out licenced activity types all licences subject to return to the licensor agency, starting from the moment of terminating the licenced work types whereof a corresponding decision shall be adopted by the legal entity’s superior body.

Please specify beforehand the licence return procedure and list of the required documents. Otherwise you can entrust this to a specialized company.

2. Make sure that there are no indebtedness by customs dues required for furtherunimpeded obtaining a corresponding reference from Customs Supervision Department.

3. Specify procedure for closing account (accounts) in the service bank making sure there are no any special requirements.

4. During liquidation process you are required to destroy the office stamp followed by drawing up a termination certificate so make sure you won’t need the stamp.

5. At rendering current tax statistical accounts you shall keep on communicating with a legal firm till acceptance of liquidation statements, balances and corresponding letter by the competent authorities.      

6. The document confirming legal entity liquidation shall be the Justice Authority Order regarding liquidation and entering a corresponding record to the united state register for legal entities. We would like to remind you that the reference issued by the tax agency shall not be deemed the final document confirming legal entity liquidation.

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