Education, the foundation for the development of any nation.

We are happy to specialize in the education sector, thus making our contribution to the development of subjects of education in the legal plane. So the lawyers of ZAN Company accompany in the legal field on a permanent basis the work of several colleges, schools and subjects of additional preschool, school education. Continuous experience and cooperation with such clients puts a greater understanding of the industry, the profession of the teacher, knowledge of educational programs, legal peculiarities in the education sector in the knowledge base of lawyers.


Key staff-member:

Danara Kassenkhan, Partner of ZAN Company

Has more than 17 years of experience in legal support of business activities of Kazakhstani and foreign companies. Graduated from the Kazakh State Law University in Almaty, later Master of "Innovations in Entrepreneurship" Global Business School Barcelona, ​​Spain, courses Master of International Law, WTO Law, Universidad de Barcelona, ​​Spain. He has been a partner of ZAN Company since 2002. Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, Kazakh and Russian.


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"Torghay kop salaly college", the development of all internal regulations, regulations, working curricula, curricula, standards of work of subjects of post-secondary education - College, vocational school.

Consultations and legal support of the large British Training Center "PILIGRIM education", the author of the methods of studying English.

Licensing in the field of educational activities for a number of private schools, colleges, companies in the field of business coaching.


Publications on the topic:

The order of registration of religious associations in the light of the newly adopted Law "On Religious Activities and Religious Associations"

On some issues of licensing educational activities

Educational activity in Kazakhstan, legal aspects. License for educational activities. (school, college)


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