Architecture and Construction

One of the leading industries in Kazakhstan is architecture and construction, therefore, this is one of the in-demand lines of activities among the clients of our Company. Licensing of activities in the field of architecture and town planning in all the regions of Kazakhstan for design, engineering Companies, building and erection enterprises; Companies that are experts in the field of architecture and town-planning.

Our Goal is to provide professional legal support to the project from the very beginning, which includes

Legal Due Diligence which helps to determine whether the licensee complies with qualification requirements, refine the material, and develop a complete list of licensed activities,

full legal support during inspection by regulating agencies,

and to "the end", which implies obtaining licenses and permits.

As well as post-service – a subsequent delivery of reports on the licensed activities to licensing body.


Implementation of projects on obtainment of licenses and permits for a wide variety of Kazakhstani and foreign Companies; design and construction corporations, including general contractors for Royal Park Residence, Beibarys Building residential compound.

Projects on obtainment of licenses and permits for branches and representative offices of foreign Companies; project on obtainment of package of licenses, permits for design and construction of fish processing complex in Kapchagay, for design and construction of sewage treatment facilities in Aktau, Mangystau Oblast.

Proof and extension of licenses and related permits each year, every three years and five years.

Releases on the Subject

Design Licenses for Individual Enterpreneur

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