First Legal Forum September 15-17 2011

ZAN Legal Firm has been a partner to the First Legal Forum – a unique event in terms of the level and the qualitative composition for the leading local and international representatives of legal business.

Such issues as establishing the Attorneys’ Association; legal services delivery standards; responsibilities of the persons rendering legal services; promotion of legal services were discussed, and the most interesting cases studied at the Forum. It was especially pleasant to converse with colleagues at the gala dinner and the golf tournament on the last day of the Forum.

According to the Managing Partner of ZAN Legal Firm, Dinara Kasenkhan, Forum is a great place to exchange opinions, share experiences, establishing agreements and networking. New solutions had been identified for the legal community, such as the necessity to establish an Association. Creating the Association would mean to engage the best experts in legal business; it would improve the work and responsibility of those rendering legal services; provide new opportunities for attorneys; develop legal services delivery standards, and therefore, protection of customers and their rights to receive quality legal services”.



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