Distributor, franchise agreements

Globalization is not just a widely used  and trendy word.  It is a present day fact  affecting a number of the spheres of the human activity  of this century. The unions of states, trade unions, speedy flights and the latest  speed technologies  have significant impact on  the jurisprudence  and in particular on demand  and kind of  legal services  provided for business. Recently,  the relations  on goods distribution, commerce in the framework of more close franchise, distributor agreement  are considered to be substantially  actual.      Distributor, franchise agreements  involve more close, frequent interactions  of the contractual  parties  with possible disputes. This case requires from the lawyer to have applicative knowledge of theory and practice almost in all  areas  of the law, in particular  civil, tax, customs and intellectual property law.   Relations within the framework of distributor  and franchise agreements require meticulous and talented work  of lawyers for the purpose arranging  professionally executed contracts which may  prevent problems in the course of  close business operations of the parties. 
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