Tax Law

Large and important sector for entrepreneurs is the relations governed by the tax law. Payment of taxes and other compulsory assignments to the budget is one of the main liabilities of an economic entity to the state and the society; ignoring such issues as tax planning, payment of taxes and compulsory assignments, failure to comply with the standards established by taxation legislation may result in the worse case scenario for any entity. For that reason this specific area of practice is always in demand in “ZAN Company”, and we are here to provide the following services:

Legal audit of deals, legal opinions in taxation matters.

Legal support in tax disputes.

Tax Planning.

Administrative matters in the tax field.


Implementation of the closure project – liquidation of a part of partnerships of the large motor holding – an official Mitsubishi Motors dealer.

Implementation of the project in liquidation of branch offices of snacks manufacturer.

Execution of discontinuation of activities, winding-up and liquidation of LLPs, production Cooperatives and Closed Joint Stock Companies.



Memorandum of liquidation of a juridical person.

Liquidation of enterprises.

Suspension of operations of enterprises.

Enforced liquidation of abeyant legal entities.

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