Сontract Law

Employment contracts 
Employment contracts deemed to be the principal tools of regulating relations between the Employee and the Company. Well-drafted, covering all possible risks, complying with the laws  employment contracts get a big boost for the Company  and may prevent  a number of confusions in the course of relations between the Company and the Employee. An employment contract may effectively protect the interests of the Company or the Employee’s interests. Alternatively, an employment contact may be  a perfect documentary expression of compromise between the Company and the Employee.    
Distributor, franchise agreements 
Globalization is not just a widely used  and trendy word.  It is a present day fact  affecting a number of the spheres of the human activity  of this century. The unions of states, trade unions, speedy flights and the latest  speed technologies  have significant impact on  the jurisprudence  and in particular on demand  and kind of  legal services  provided for business. Recently,  the relations  on goods distribution, commerce in the framework of more close franchise, distributor agreement  are considered to be substantially  actual.      Distributor, franchise agreements  involve more close, frequent interactions  of the contractual  parties  with possible disputes. This case requires from the lawyer to have applicative knowledge of theory and practice almost in all  areas  of the law, in particular  civil, tax, customs and intellectual property law.   Relations within the framework of distributor  and franchise agreements require meticulous and talented work  of lawyers for the purpose arranging  professionally executed contracts which may  prevent problems in the course of  close business operations of the parties.     
Rent (hire) contract.
Relationships regulated by rent (hire) contracts  are considered to be the  most common at present.    It is not surprising as the rent contracts take a wide layer of interrelations  between the entities.  Thus, rent contracts  involve  various objects  to be hired, among them: enterprises, lands, buildings, structures, equipment, transport and other things.   Leasing contracts as well as other kinds of contracts related to transfer of the property  at a charge  for temporary use   are considered to be  the hire contracts as well.  We strongly recommend to  draft  such contracts thoroughly  and in advance, fixing the mechanisms  of actions  in case of all kinds of situations, including negative situations.    In this case effecting standard contracts may lead to  not much positive consequences, therefore consulting a qualified specialist will prevent you from unfortunate  situations and problems.   The lawyers of our company have extensive experience  and the best practices  in this rule-making activity, that will  be significant assistance for  the operations of our clients.  
Regulating  the issues of labor rights of the Employees at the enterprises of the consumer industry. Bringing  the labor documents into line with the laws of the RoK, personnel audit at the Company.
Auditing  collective contracts  at the Company  dealing with assembly of domestic appliances.
Great experience of audit  and franchise agreement drafting  in various spheres of activity. 
Distributor agreement with exclusive rights, supply contracts between the Company and their foreign  contractors in a number of  areas have been developed, perfected and implemented  during  11 year period of our operations.   At that  the lawyers of our Company  earned great experience of individual drafting of documents at most covering all possible risk of the client  depending  on the area of the client’s activity.
Development and approval of the contracts for lease of production base, equipment and machinery for the Companies in the area of industry, mining, industrial and civil construction. 
Developing contracts for rent of property complex including  in the area of public catering, chain of restaurants- bars. 
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